Along with the company's growth, Santiway also enhances the team combat effectiveness and cohesion as part of the corporate culture to do, as has been a tradition since the company was founded, we annually organize regular tourism activities including outdoor extending training. During these activities, on the one hand, staffs are approaching the natural environment and knowing better between the team members and teamwork; on the other hand, staffs also get to expand their horizons through these activities. We are committed to the utility and happiness among all staffs.

Take a sneak peek of those activities.


In September 2009, our team members went outdoors for a barbecue.

Christmas day holiday in 2009, we sent our members to Xiamen as an award for hardworking in 2009. 
Christmas day holiday in 2010, we sent our members to Hainan Island as an award for hardworking in 2010.
Christmas day holiday in 2011, we sent our members to Korea as an award for hardworking in 2011.
In June of 2012, we went outdoor to simulate CS combat training.
As the tradition of Santiway, we went to Thailand in December of 2012.
In May of 2014, Santiway members went to Anji to hike to ease our working pressure and enjoy our life
In November of 2015, Santiway all members go to Gouqi Island, and everyone gains great joy during this trip.

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