As soon as we receive your inquiry/order, the relevant salesman of the products you require will be in contact with you on the consultation column of the products and provide service all the time.



        Based on the products of the inquiry/order, the relevant salesman will provide all the information which is necessary for your purchase. The price will be provided by the purchase department of our company. We will also offer the detailed description of the products, the suggestions of the packing and the transportation, the payment terms, and other necessary information. We try our best to help you find the right products rapidly.

        After getting the confirmation from the client about the products and the sales manager about the order details, the products will be sent to the production department of our company. During the production, the quality control department of our company will make sure that the products are been produced exactly according to the order which is confirmed by the client while the quality meets the requirements of the client. Meanwhile, the relevant salesman will monitor all the progress of the production and report every issue about the products to the client.

        The documentary department of the company will confirm the shipping information, book the ship for the order, and prepare all the documents for the transportation.

        If there is any complaint,, the salesman will report it to the manager, and the manager will be responsible to deal with it. All your requirements will receive the best service.

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