- Pre-sales service

        We have fully arranged all the documents and related profiles for the products which we can supply, including the price, specifications and the related packing information for the different products.

- P2P service mode

        According to the process in our company, one client will only talk to one salesman during the discussion. The complete CRM system will take the control of all the business progress, and the customer doesn't need to talk to other salesmen to finish the order. The only thing customer needs to do is to send the inquiry, and place the order. That's all.

- Steel structure

        The fully supporting team includes the designers, engineers, and traders. We are ready to design any product according to the client's requirements.
- Steel roof and cladding

        Based on the raw material, we have prepared the related documents for the corrugated steel, roof tile, sandwich panel, and other related products, if our clients have any request, we can make a quick response regarding the inquiry and save time for our clients.


- Machinery

        The related technology and the trade department stay together to make a quick response for any special requirements which come from the different clients. We are sure that our efficient work will win more profit for our customers.

- Marketing

        We always take our responsibility to promote the best products worldwide. We also focus on the development of new market and help our clients to get more opportunities through our cooperation.

- Trading

        The professional salesmen deal with every order and inquiry from our customers very carefully to try our best to help our customers save more time and reduce unnecessary concerns during the business.

- After-sales Service

        We consider after-sales service to be very important as well. Protecting customers profit is our primary target. Customers can contact our sales department  and get a response within 24 hours.  


- Documentation

        We prepare every document according to the regulations. We provide related documents as well for the business efficiently and accurately.


- Quality

        Before every shipment, we will send our QC to the factory to make sure that the goods are ready, the quantity is correct, and the quality is fully based on the customer's requirements. If anything happens after the customer gets the goods, we will make a quick response to any complaint or suggestion about the business. We try our best to satisfy every client.


- Finance

        The professional finance team will help our customers to control every payment and secure the payment for every order, the accurate debit note will be provided if our customers want and we also provide the best service for the internal business process.

- Complaints and Suggestions

        Any complaints and suggestions are welcome, we will try our best to make customers have a better business experience with us. 

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